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Coach Patrick Mays



7:30-8:45  --  1st--JH Boys Athletics

8:50-9:35  --  2nd--7th Technology

9:40-10:25 -- 3rd--Conference

10:30-11:15--4th--7th Technology

11:20-12:05--5th--HS Athletics 

12:10-12:35--6th--LUNCH DUTY

12:35-1:05 -- LUNCH 

1:10-2:00  --  7th--6th Health                                       

2:05-2:50  --  8th--8th Grade                                              Pro. Comm/Prep

2:55-3:40  --  9th-- 8th Grade                                              Pro. Comm/Prep                                       

Welcome! This is my 10th year in Holland and my 19th year teaching and coaching. I have a passion for helping students on and off the field. I have three children (Trey (22), Marshall (20), and KK (18)) who, like me are Proud to be Hornets!


Lesson Plans

OMG!! Finally a class where you don’t get in trouble for talking, right??

Almost!  This is my 19th year teaching Speech Communications. This course is great for building real world skills. We will study the communication process, as well as craft and deliver a variety of speeches and presentations.   I enjoy teaching this course, and I love to see how students grow. Come eager to speak and excited to learn!

Welcome to Technology!! We will get proficient in using Google. Technology is ever changing and it seems that the younger you are the easier it is to understand. I hope to teach you a few things and look forward to you teaching me a few things this year. 
Welcome to Health!! As we dive into this year we will look at different aspects of health. It is as easy as head, shoulders, knees and toes!!
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Welcome to one of the finest School Districts in the State of Texas. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school district and the many excellent programs we have available for our students. HISD is a wonderful place to educate a child. This environment is made possible by the tremendous parent and community support for our schools, as well as by a hardworking and dedicated staff.