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Donna Lynn


Holland Elementary School
P.O. Box 217 Holland, TX 76534

Conference Times: 

10:10 -11:00 M-F


I love teaching in Holland and can't imagine ever teaching anywhere else.  Go Hornets!!!


About Me:

I have three children who are Jeremy, Megan, and Carrie.  I have a daughter-in-law named Chantyle Nicole,  and a son-in-law named Travis.  I also have 8 grandchildren who are Rylie, Jacob, London, Landon, Jaydon, Ryan, Briggs, and Reese. They rock my world!!! I taught in Moody one semester, Nolanville 6 years, and have been in Holland since 1994. People ask me when am I going to retire.  I have no idea.  I love the kids. I love my job, and l love learning new things and getting better each year so maybe I'll retire when I'm 80.  I take one day at a time and try to see the blessings in each day.  There are many so I'm sure I miss a bunch.


My Education: 

I graduated from Moody High School. I played basketball, softball (summer league), and ran track(I was horrible). Basketball was my favorite sport and I still love playing when I get a chance.  In softball I played pitcher and second base.  In track I ended up being manager because I really was opposite of good, but I loved being a part of the team.  Now I run for pleasure, stress relief, and exercise.  Go figure! :-) I was cheerleader all through high school.  I played trumpet in the band, and I was in FCA, Beta Club, and Student Council.  

I received my Bachelors of Science in Education at UMHB. Go Crusaders!  I love going to see our Crusaders play!!


My Interests:

I love hanging out with friends and family, and traveling to anywhere I can afford.  Road trips are awesome and sometimes I just get in the car and go wherever the wind blows me.  I love randomness and spontaneity.  Reading is a great way to relax, plus I can learn a ton when I choose nonfiction, which I do, but I love my fiction also.  I should have bought stock in movie theaters.  You can find me at one often. Relaxing!!! I love to work out but I also love to eat. :-)  I love a great sense of humor.  Laughter is good for the soul.  If you can't tell yet, I love almost anything.  I try to always choose happiness so I can have fun anywhere.   If you read this far, you are quite amazing and thank you.

Fifth Grade Class Schedule


Cafeteria opens


Come to Classroom








Lunch in homeroom or cafeteria





2:00-3:10 WIN/RTI
3:10-3:35 Recess
3:40-3:50 Dismissal


5th Grade Teacher Conference10:30-11:15 Monday-Friday

Academic Expectations

Academic Expectations

In 5th Grade students are expected to take a STAAR test in 3 core subjects: math, reading, and science. These classes will be taught by 3 different teachers so students will be rotating throughout the day. This will help students learn organization and responsibility for their materials. Mrs. Malone will teach Math and Social Studies. Mrs. Wendler will teach Science and be in charge of AR. Ms. Lynn will teach Reading and ELA.

Core Subject Grading: 

60% test/ quizzes/ projects

40% classwork/ participation 

Social Studies Grading: 

80% daily work/ quizzes

20% participation


87% Correct

Point Goal Reached

*Good behavior is a requirement for rewards

Homework/ Projects

Homework and projects will be assigned in class to help students practice skills learned. Homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time

Students are expected to do various projects throughout the year for all subjects. Projects could be assigned to do in class, at home, individual or group. The project details and expectations will be explained to students in class. It is important for students to ask questions about their project.  It is important that students do the work and students should be proud of their project. Parents are expected to be cheerleaders, motivators, and helpers. Projects are NOT expected to be expensive or costly, but are supposed to display the student’s learning goal. 


Retention Policy

In addition to the factors in law that must be considered for promotion, mastery shall be determined as follows:

  1. Course assignments and unit evaluation shall be used to determine student grades in a subject. An average of 70 or higher shall be considered a passing grade.

  2. Mastery of the skills necessary for success at the next level shall be validated by assessments that may either be incorporated into unit or final exams or may be administered separately. Mastery of at least 70 percent of the objectives shall be required.

In grades 3–8, promotion to the next grade level shall be based on an overall average of 70 on a scale of 100 based on course-level, grade-level standards (essential knowledge and skills) for all subject areas and a grade of 70 or above in three of the following areas: reading, mathematics, science, and social studies.

5th Grade Christmas Bazaar

The 5th Grade Christmas Bazaar is a project in which fifth graders open a store to sell their items to the other Holland ISD students and the public. This is a project that has multiple components that students are expected to complete to prepare for the Bazaar. Preparing for Bazaar, students will design an advertisement for display, create a store name, and create items at home to sell for the Bazaar.

On Bazaar Day, students will bring their items, set up their store, calculate their sales and interact with customers. Parents are expected to drop students off with their materials and are allowed to purchase items when the Bazaar is open. ALL PROFITS go back to the student. This is a great way for students to earn money for Christmas and allow Holland ISD kids to purchase Christmas gifts for their family. 

There are specific requirements for the Bazzar like a limited number of items, pricing details and item specifications. More information will be provided to help students and parents understand the expectations.

Behavior Reward System

Behavior Expectations 

This year students will be learning self responsibility by setting personal and behavioral goals. Students will learn how to self advocate, communicate and problem solve. 


In 5th grade students have 5 Tokens (warnings) for the week, each loss of a token comes with a consequence. 

Students can lose tokens for misbehavior, not being prepared for class, and not turning in homework on time.

After losing 3 tokens, the student will have lunch detention.  A lunch detention form will be filled out by your child, initialed by a teacher, and then should be signed by a parent and returned. If they do visit the principals, they will determine what happens next.

After losing 4 tokens, the student will have lunch detention and lose recess for the week

After losing 5 tokens, the student will have lunch detention, no recess, no reward center, and may visit with  Ms. Dunnam or Mrs. Thomason, if we feel like it is necessary. 

Class Reward System: Marble Jar

Classes will earn marbles for good behavior and lose marbles for undesirable behavior.  Any marbles lost outside of core classes will be doubled. When each class has filled up a jar full of marbles they will earn a MARBLE JAR PARTY. After the party, the jar will be emptied and students will begin earning marbles for the next reward. 

Marble jar parties are half-day “parties” where the kids can play games, watch a movie, or have extra recess.

Hornet’s Nest

Students can earn Hornet’s Nest if they keep all of their tokens for 6 out of the 9 weeks. Hornet’s Nest reward is a luncheon, extra recess and a homework pass.

Reward Center

It will be every other Friday beginning on Friday, September 2. Students can bring money and shop at the Reward Center. This is a fundraiser for PTO.

Accelerated Reading

Teacher Communication

It is important for us to communicate with each other in order for student success. We will send handouts or reminders on Class Dojo about important information to keep you in the loop. This is a great way for us to send out information about homework assignments, projects, tests, Holland ISD information, field trips, ect... Please register today.

New to Class Dojo

The best way to communicate with us is through Class Dojo because messages can be personally sent out. The Class Story is a way to communicate with the whole class. If you are wanting to set up a conference with an individual teacher or talk with a certain teacher you can message each of us privately also. 


Vicki Malone vmalone@hollandisd.org

Donna Lynn dlynn@hollandisd.org

Sara Wendler swendler@hollandisd.org

In Person Conference Times

Monday -Friday 10:30-11:30 *Must have meeting scheduled


POLICY: Please refer to the Holland ISD attendance policy for more details. 

It is important for your child to come to school daily to fully participate and understand the content being taught. If your child misses a day, he or she will have time either in school (during their recess time or if they have free time) or at home to complete the missing assignments. Assignments need to be completed once they return to school and will have due dates. 

Please do NOT send sick kids to school, as we know from the pandemic, staying home is the best way to protect others and help keep everyone safe. 

KID Account- Office Communication

This attendance system is run through the front office and monitors attendance and changes in dismissal. All parents that pick up kids can bring the card that will be scanned to KID Account. Please communicate with the office the following: 

Students’ absences planned or unexpected
Changes in pickup or dismissal plans

Movie Policy

There are times throughout the school year when we might show movies. Examples of times this could occur are movies made from novels students read, movies that support curricular learning, and/or movies earned as a reward. If we are showing a movie in class, we will let you know what movie we are showing, the rating of the movie, and when we are showing it. If you do NOT want your student to watch the movie, let me know. I will make other arrangements for your student. 


Technology Expectations

Students are expected to use technology in all classes throughout the year. Students are expected to follow ALL rules, if they choose not to follow the technology rules it could result in loss of tokens or loss of privileges in using devices. We will be teaching digital citizenship which includes: censoring private information, understanding social media, responsibility & safety online. Simply respecting and protecting yourself, others and ideas online

Technology should be respected by taking care of Holland ISD property by NOT eating or drinking around equipment, keeping equipment on table, not intentionally breaking equipment. 

ONLY use websites or apps approved by teachers

Always ask before recording a video or taking a picture


Each grade will be able to purchase ice cream on their assigned day(s). It will cost $1.

Monday: 1st grade and 5th Grade Wednesday: 3rd grade and 5th Grade

Tuesday: 2nd grade and 5th Grade Thursday: 4th grade and 5th Grade

Ice cream will NOT be

 Sold on Fridays.

Pep Rally

We will have pep rallies from 3:05 - 3:30 on Fridays in the Holland Gym.  This is for home and away football games.  There could be exceptions to a couple of pep rallies that will need to occur earlier due to how far away the games are. We will put pep-rallies times in the weekly newsletter. If students have not earned the privilege of going to the pep-rally, teachers will make other arrangements. 

5th Grade Awards

  • UIL Awards
  • A & A/B Honor 
  • Band Awards
  • Marathon
  • AR Point Club Awards


Students will have the opportunity to try out for the following events. We will let the children know when tryouts will take place.  U.I.L. usually takes place the first week of December.  They will know if they have made a team before Thanksgiving break. Alternates are considered part of the team, but will only test if  needed.

5th Grade Events: 

Art, Chess, Dictionary Skills, Listening Skills, Music Memory, Number Sense, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Social Studies, Spelling,Maps, Graphs, & Charts                   

Parent Teacher Organization

This organization raises money for various things throughout Holland ISD and is always looking for people to volunteer their time.  

If you would like more information please contact 

Lauren Bruggman-Patterson



Holland Jr. FFA

This is an extracurricular activity students are able to participate in. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success. 

Ashlee Tanguay


Birthday Parties

Please notify your homeroom teacher ahead of time and get approval for allergy purposes. All food and drinks need to be individually wrapped.  

Class Parties

We have 3 main parties in 5th grade: Christmas, Valentines and End of the Year. We will celebrate other holidays with activities but will not have outside food. 

Teachers will set up a Sign Up Genius and send it through Dojo to let parents volunteer to bring the items to make 5th grade parties fun. Our 5th grade parties are done together so friends can enjoy their time together. We don’t have parents typically attend parties because 5th graders need their social time to build good relationships with peers. 

Press ENTER key to focus on the active panel
Press ENTER key to focus on the active panel


Welcome to one of the finest School Districts in the State of Texas. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school district and the many excellent programs we have available for our students. HISD is a wonderful place to educate a child. This environment is made possible by the tremendous parent and community support for our schools, as well as by a hardworking and dedicated staff.