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Kiva Pitts- 4th Grade Math Teacher 

Contact information:

Phone: (254) 657- 2525

Email: kpitts@hollandisd.org 


Conference time: Mon - Fri



Best forms of communication:


-Class Dojo

“I always try to remember that I am a work in progress. When I maintain that perspective, I realize that I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to have it all together. I don’t need to try to have all the answers. And I don’t need to learn everything in a day. When I make a mistake, it’s not because I’m a failure or worthless. I just didn’t do something right because I still haven’t improved enough in some part of the process. And that motivates me to keep growing and improving. If I don’t know something, it’s an opportunity to try to improve in a new area.” -Unknown

          A Little About Me!

My name is Kiva Pitts, I grew up in  Little River right down the road. I was a 2017 graduate from Holland ISD. I pursued my education degree at UMHB after graduating from Holland . I have spent the last few years in the Burnet area. I  am so glad to be back in the community and school that shaped the person that I am today. I am currently the 4th grade math teacher. 

I love most sports, however volleyball is my favorite. I love anything that involves crafts. Currently I am loving Diamond art painting. In my spare time I will either be crafting or reading a good book.

I am a dog person! My husband and I have a mini australian shepherd that is spoiled rotten. Our dog runs the house. 

On another note I am overjoyed to be teaching your hornet this year! I know it is going to be a great year full of learning and growth.

Mrs. Pitts Homeroom

Class Schedule: 

Time :




9:00- 10:00


10:00- 10:30


10:30- 11:00


11:00- 11:30


11:30- 12:30


12:30- 1:00

Social studies 

1:00- 1:30 




2:45- 3:10




3:40- 3:45


4th Grade SYLLABUS 2023-2024

4th Grade Schedule

8:00-9:00 Math/Reading/Writing

9:00-10:00 Math/Reading/Writing

10:00-10:30 PE/Teacher Conference

10:30-11:00 Band/Teacher Conference

11:00-11:30 Lunch

11:30-12:30 Math/Reading/Writing

12:30-1:00 Science/AR Library/History

1:00-1:30 Science/AR Library/History

1:35-2:45 WIN small groups

2:45-3:10 Recess

3:10-3:40 Science/AR Library/History

3:40-3:45 Dismissal

Teacher Communication

It is important for us to communicate with each other in order for student success. We will send handouts or reminders on Class Dojo about important information to keep you in the loop. This is a great way for us to send out information about homework assignments, projects, tests, Holland ISD information, field trips, ect... 

New to Class Dojo

The best way to communicate with us is through Class Dojo because messages can be personally sent out. The Class Story is a way to communicate with the whole class. If you are wanting to set up a conference with an individual teacher or talk with a certain teacher you can message privately also. Messages will be checked at conference time daily.

Academic Expectations

In 4th Grade students are expected to take a STAAR test in 2 core subjects: math and ELAR. 4th grade classes will be taught by 3 different teachers so students will be rotating throughout the day. This will help students learn organization and responsibility for their materials. Ms. Freeman will teach writing and history, Mrs. Grace will teach reading and science, and Mrs. Pitts will teach math and AR.

Core Subject Grading: 

70% daily classwork

30% tests 


87% Correct

Individual Point Goal Reached

The student’s grade for this class is based upon the percentage of their point goal and their comprehension average on their AR tests.

*Good behavior is a requirement for rewards

Reading Grade

One test grade each grading period will be based on the student’s reading level from AR. 

Between this and daily AR reading, we are stressing the importance of improving reading skills and levels. 


95 = E

85 = S

75 = N

65 = U







1st 9 Weeks






2nd 9 Weeks






3rd 9 Weeks






4th 9 Weeks






UIL Events

Events that 4th graders may try out for:



Music Memory

Number Sense

Oral Reading

Ready Writing



Awards that students can earn at the end of the year:

A Honor Roll

AB Honor Roll

Perfect Attendance

AR Point Clubs



UIL Participation


Homework will be limited to reading AR library books, studying for tests, and possibly finishing work as needed. Math and Reading will have weekly homework assignments that will be sent home Monday and due Friday. Recess time may be used to complete unfinished work.

Ice Cream

Each grade will be able to purchase ice cream on their assigned day(s).  It will cost $1. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten will not have a day.

Monday:  1st grade and 5th grade

Tuesday:  2nd grade and 5th grade

Wednesday:  3rd grade and 5th grade

Thursday:  4th grade and 5th grade

Movie Policy

If a movie is used as a reward or planned classroom activity, parents will be notified as to movie, rating, and content

Behavior Plan

Class Dojo

In 4th grade, we will be using Class Dojo to track positive and negative behavior.


Students can earn points for helping others, being on task, participating, teamwork, and working hard. 

Students can lose points for misbehavior, disrespect, and being unprepared for class. We will communicate issues with your student privately through Class Dojo

Hornet’s Nest

Students can attend Hornet’s Nest each nine weeks if they earn a designated point goal set by each teacher. Hornet’s Nest reward is a luncheon and extra recess. ISS referral is automatic denial for Hornet’s Nest

Behavior Steps

Verbal Warning

Loss of Dojo Points/Loss of Recess Time 

(option of walking laps or sitting out)

Parent Contact

Office Referral 

(major offenses receive automatic office referral)


Tutoring will be available for math and reading on an invitation basis at teacher discretion as needed. You will be contacted and sent a permission slip if your child qualifies.


POLICY: Please refer to the Holland ISD attendance policy for more details. 

It is important for your child to come to school daily to fully participate and understand the content being taught. If your child misses a day, he or she will have time either in school (during their recess time or if they have free time) or at home to complete the missing assignments. Assignments need to be completed once they return to school and will have due dates. 

Please do NOT send sick kids to school, as we know from the pandemic, staying home is the best way to protect others and help keep everyone safe. 

Office Communication

Please communicate with the office the following: 

  • Students’ absences planned or unexpected

  • Changes in pickup or dismissal plans

Technology Expectations

Students are expected to use technology in all classes throughout the year. Students are expected to follow ALL rules, if they choose not to follow the technology rules it could result in loss of Dojo points or loss of privileges in using devices. We will be teaching digital citizenship which includes: censoring private information, understanding social media, responsibility & safety online. Simply respecting and protecting yourself, others and ideas online

  • Technology should be respected by taking care of Holland ISD property by NOT eating or drinking around equipment, keeping equipment on table, not intentionally breaking equipment. 

  • ONLY use websites or apps approved by teachers

  • Always ask before recording a video or taking a picture


In addition to the factors in law that must be considered for promotion, mastery shall be determined as follows:

  1. Course assignments and unit evaluation shall be used to de- termine student grades in a subject. An average of 70 or higher shall be considered a passing grade.

  2. Mastery of the skills necessary for success at the next level shall be validated by assessments that may either be incorpo- rated into unit or final exams or may be administered sepa- rately. Mastery of at least 70 percent of the objectives shall be required.

In grades 3–8, promotion to the next grade level shall be based on an overall average of 70 on a scale of 100 based on course-level, grade-level standards (essential knowledge and skills) for all sub- ject areas and a grade of 70 or above in three of the following areas: reading, mathematics, science, and social studies.


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