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 Renee Marshall
Conference time:
11:45-12:45 each day


I am so excited to work with you and your child this year!  We're going to have a super year and learn lots of new things. I can't wait to get to know my new students, and I thought you might want to know a little about me.

I have been married to my husband, Mark, for 42 years. We have three grown children: Justin, Clint, and Kate. I have several hobbies but my new favorite thing is being Mawmaw to my four grandchildren, Marshall, Greyson, Annemarie, and Addalyn.

I have been teaching for thirty-five years and twenty-four of them have been in third grade at Holland Elementary. I LOVE my job and I hope I can instill a love of learning in your child. We're going to work hard and play hard--it'll be a GREAT year!



We are glad to have your child in third grade this year.  This is to help answer questions you may have concerning schedules, grades, conduct, and communication.

3rd Grade

Academic Expectations


Your child will be taught by all three third grade teachers.  Mrs. Moon teaches language arts and social studies. Mrs. Lopez and I teach AR, spelling, science, handwriting, and math.  


The weekly spelling list consists of approximately 20 words each week.  There will be a test over the words on Friday.


Students will have math homework every day except Friday.  Even students that finish their work in class will be expected to take the assignment home so that it can be checked and corrected before being turned in to the teacher.  Homework will count 40%, tests 50%, and quizzes will count 10% of the 9 weeks math grade. One fact test each grading period will count as a regular test grade.


Students reading homework will consist of reading 1 book each night and be ready to test on it when they get to school the next morning.

Accelerated Reader

Forty-five minutes of class time each day is dedicated to AR.  During this time your child will be reading and testing on AR books.  Your child is expected to read 1 book every night and be ready to test on that book when they walk into class the next morning.  They should also take a test on another book during class. One of our end of year awards is 100 points.  If your child is doing this assignment each night, they will achieve this award.  We encourage each student to take 2 tests a day so that they can work towards the 100 point reward trip in January and the 200 point trip in May.  To do this they will need to get an average of 50 points during each 9 week grading period.  Please encourage your child to work to earn this special trip.


An assignment sheet is filled out by the student each day.  Please take time to look over your child’s assignments and initial it at the bottom each night.  They will need to keep all assignments and work in this folder and return with it each day.  Homework will consist of reading an AR book, math assignment, and studying spelling.


When students return to school after being absent expect for them to have make up work to be completed. This work will be due within three days of their absence.  They will also need to make up AR and in class instruction during recess/tutorial time. It is important that your child be at school each day. We begin working immediately after entering the classroom and don’t stop until the final bell rings. New skills are taught every day!


Each third grader is given five good behavior “tokens” at the beginning of every week.  You will see the tokens at the bottom of your child’s weekly assignment sheet.  Students who have had good behavior will be rewarded with a free Friday Snack Bar item. Tokens will be marked off for breaking classroom rules and for not being prepared for class. Excessive or chronic misbehavior will be addressed by the principal.

End of Year Awards

Third graders have the chance to earn several end of year awards.  Awards are given for UIL participation, 100 AR points, perfect attendance, and for running a marathon during PE.  The three students with the highest AR point totals will be recognized.  These are the only awards that will be recognized at the end of year assembly.  Please encourage your child to work hard to earn an award.   


Online Information

You have access to your child’s grades and AR testing. There are also subject specific programs for reading and math. Information on each of these things will be coming home with your child soon. We will also be using ClassDojo to keep you informed about things that are happening in third grade throughout the year.

Teacher Conference

The third grade teacher conference is each day from 11:45-12:45.  Please call to schedule a conference if you have any questions or concerns. 


Third graders can try out for UIL spelling, storytelling, ready writing, music memory, and chess.  Please encourage your child to try out for these contests. Information about each contest will be going home soon.

Class Schedule



















3:05-3:45 Math/ELA
Unit 1:  standard form, word form, expanded form, place value, value, digits, period, compare, order, dollar sign, decimal point, round, number line
Unit 2: Commutative property of addition, associative property of addition, identity property of addition, estimate, compatible numbers, inverse operations

Unit 3: regrouping, equation, unknown, addend, sum, difference

Unit 4: multiplication, product, factor, array, commutative property of multiplication
Unit 5: Multiple, Identity property of multiplication, zero property of multiplication, associative property of multiplication, distributive property of multiplication,
Unit 6: division
Unit 7: fact family, dividend, divisor, quotient, divisible, divisibility rules, even, odd
Unit 8: partial products, compensation
Unit 9: equal, not equal
Unit 10:

Unit 11: unit fraction, numerator, denominator, equivalent

Unit 12: angle, right angle, parallel lines, polygon, quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, solid figure, cube, rectangular prism, cone sphere, triangular prism, pyramid, cylinder, vertex, faces, edges, base

Unit 13: perimeter, area, square unit
Unit 14: capacity cup, pint, quart, gallon, weight, ounce, pound, ton, millimeter, liter, mass, gram, kilogram, elapsed time, time interval
Unit 15: data, survey, frequency table, pictograph, bar graph, scale, key
Unit 16: income, spending, planned spending, unplanned spending, credit, interest, charity, saving, resources

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