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Mrs. Ruff

   I am a graduate of Southern Nazarene University AND Holland High School (shout out, Class of '98!).  My supportive, tech-y husband, Chad, rescues me when I've been baffled by a piece of technology and helps me wrangle our two minions, Allie and CJ. Holland High has always been home and I returned to teach English, Theatre, Speech, Junior sponsor, cake-bake, American Legion Meal feed, concession stand work, U.I.L. coach, and support any and every Hornet team!  

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Quizlet Sets

Lesson Plans

Course Outline/Syllabus

STAAR EOC Review & Resources

Accounting  Ms. Dague
 Calculator Applications  Ms. Dague
 Computer Applications  Dr. Woodall
 Computer Science  Dr. Woodall
 Copy Editing  Ms. Ruff
 Current Issues & Events  Ms. Cearley
 Editorial Writing Mr. Wiley
 Feature Writing Mr. Wiley
 Film & Animation  Dr. Woodall
 Headline Writing Mr. Wiley
 Literary Criticism Ms.Maughan
 Mathematics  Ms. Gommert
 News Writing Mr. Wiley
 Number Sense  Ms. Decker
 Ready Writing  Ms. Maughan
 Science  Ms. Cortez
 Social Studies  Ms. Cearley
 Spelling & Vocabulary  Ms. Ruff
 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Ms. Ruff
 Informative Speaking  Ms. Ruff
One-Act Play Mr. Wiley
 Persuasive Speaking  Ms. Ruff
 Poetry Interpretation  Ms. Ruff
 Prose Interpretation  Ms. Ruff

Poetry Interpretation

In poetry interpretation, you’ll choose a selection that fits in the given category to present to an audience.


This contest emphasizes literary analysis through expressive oral reading. The purpose of this contest is to encourage the student to understand, experience and share poetry through the art of oral interpretation. The goals of this contest are to encourage the contestant’s exploration of a variety of literary selections, and to enhance the performer’s and audience’s appreciation of literature through the performer’s interpretation of the work.


Prose Interpretation

Those with a flare for expressive oral reading have a chance to combine their passions in this event. You’ll select a piece of prose in a given category, then carefully explore the art of expressing it orally before an audience.

This contest encourages the student to understand, experience and share prose works through the art of oral interpretation. It encourages the contestant’s exploration of a variety of literary selections and enhances the performer’s and audience’s appreciation of literature through the performer’s interpretation of the work. 

Informative Speaking

This contest is all about watching the clock and knowing your material. You’ll draw a current event and have 30 minutes to comb through files you’ve collected throughout the year. Then you’ll present a speech that informs your audience on all aspects of the current event you’ve researched.


The purpose of informative speaking is to stimulate an active interest in current affairs at the state, national and international levels, and to teach the student to present extemporaneously in a clear and impartial manner the facts about a subject as they appear in the best available sources of information. This contest is an exercise in clear thinking and informing the public on the issues and concerns of the American people. The objective is to present information in an interesting way, and an attempt should not be made to change the listener’s mind beyond presenting the information.


Persuasive Speaking

Similar to informative speaking, in this contest you have 30 minutes to review your research files on a particular current event and come to a conclusion to argue about that topic. The goal of your speech is not just to present relevant information, but to convince your audience that your position is solid.

This contest trains students to analyze a current issue, determine a point of view, and organize and deliver a speech that seeks to persuade listeners. The objective is to reinforce the views of listeners who already believe as the speaker does, but even more so, to bring those of neutral or opposing views around to the speaker’s beliefs or proposed course of action. This contest should especially appeal to those who have a strong argumentative urge and who wish to advocate reforms or outline solutions to current problems.

Fall 2022-23  Practice Extemp. Topics COMING SOON!

Spelling & Vocabulary

Whether you’ve already aced the SAT verbal section or you could use some extra practice, this contest keeps you focused on the details. By the end, you may be correcting your teachers’ spelling and using words your coach has never heard.


The Spelling & Vocabulary Contest promotes precise and effective use of words. The three-part contest consists of multiple-choice questions covering proofreading and vocabulary, and words that are written from dictation. The vocabulary-building and spelling components of the contest are important complements to the high school academic curriculum and are indicative of vocabulary words contained on standardized tests such as SAT, PSAT and ACT.

2021-2022 Spelling & Vocabulary List

Quizlet Practice Sets: COMING SOON!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

"Lincoln-Douglas debate (more commonly referred to as LD) is a competitive speaking activity that involves two debaters arguing for and against a resolution that is selected by...U.I.L.  LD focuses on the conflicting values of social and philosophical issues, for example, by examining questions of morality, justice, democracy, etc. Typically, LD debates concern themselves with deciding whether or not certain actions, or states of affairs, are good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral."


source: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/Intro_to_LD.J.Roberts.7.5.27.pdf

Suggestions for Online LD Debate Research

2023 Spring Topic:
COMING Dec. 2022

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