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These are my grand-kids Peyten and Baylee. They started Pre-K here and are now in Troy ISD.
These are my grand-kids Peyten and Baylee. They started Pre-K here and are now in Troy ISD.

"The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history."

                            Fredrich Hegel


I am Russell Reinhardt, this is my 35th year to teach.  This is my 20th year to be a member of the Holland High School Staff.  I graduated from Texas A&M with a History and Social Science Composite degree.

My wife, Joyce, and I have been married for 26 years, we have 2 sons, and 2 grandchildren.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


United States History Since 1877 Course Outline

The study of history helps society remember where society has been and where it is going.  Our own lives would be meaningless if one had no memory of who you were or what you had done.  Every society looks to its history for a sense of identity.  This course will look at events, through: text, maps, charts, graphs, political cartoons, and historical cartoons to see where our country has been and where it is going.  The student goal is to become prepared for the End of Course (EOC) that will be taken in the spring of next year.

The Course Units are:

  I.  Foundations: Background to American History Prior to 1877  

 II.  American Society in Transition

III.  Industrialization and the "Gilded Age"

IV.  The Progressive Era

 V.  America Builds an Empire

VI.  America in World War I

VII.  The "Roaring Twenties"

VIII.  The Great Depression and the New Deal

  IX.  America in World War II

   X.  America During the Cold War

  XI.  The Civil Rights Years

XII.   The Sixties: A Decade of Protest and Change

XIII.  Crisis and Resurgence, 1969-2000

XIV.  America in the New Millenium


Grades determination:  50% Exam and 50% Daily Work


U.S. Government Course Outline

Government class is a 1/2 year class during the fall semester.  The focus is on the principles and beliefs upon which the United States was founded, and on the structure, functions, and powers of government at national, state and local levels. A significant focus of the course is on the U.S. Constitution, its underlying principles and ideas, and the form of government it created.  Students will analyze major concepts of republicanism, federalism, checks and balances, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, and individual rights.  The U.S. government system will be compared and contrasted with other political systems.  In today's world, Americans recognize more than ever the need to become informed, participating citizens committed to the principles and beliefs of American democracy.  On Fridays during the semester, class discussion will center on current events in the week's news.

Units covered:

    I.  Foundations of Government

   II.  Federalism

  III.  The Constitution

  IV.  Structure and Powers of Congress

   V.  Executive Structure and Function

  VI.  Judicial Branch Systems

 VII.  Constitutional Freedoms

VIII.  Participating in Government

  IX. Government in Action by Policy Making

Grade determined by: Daily Work 50% and Exams 50%

Foundations in Personal Finance Course Outline

This course is designed to fulfill the students economics credit.  It is 90 day course that will be done in the spring semester of the school year.  Learning how to mange your money is one of the most important skills one can have.  Why?  Because your financial decisions will have long-term consequences, either good or bad.  The course is designed by the Ramsey Education Solutions team that empowers high school students to make sound financial decisions for life.  The course is a video format with discussion to follow each segment.  Students will be given a workbook to follow along in each segment.

Contents covered:

 1.  Introduction to Personal Finance

 2.  Saving

 3.  Budgeting

 4.  Debt

 5.  Life After High School

 6. Consumer Awareness

 7. Bargain Shopping

 8.  Investing and Retirement

 9.  Insurance

10. Money and Relationships

11. Careers and Taxes

12. Giving


Grade determined by Exam 50% and Daily Work 50%


Welcome to one of the finest School Districts in the State of Texas. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school district and the many excellent programs we have available for our students. HISD is a wonderful place to educate a child. This environment is made possible by the tremendous parent and community support for our schools, as well as by a hardworking and dedicated staff.